MP4 video download is not working after being enabled

Hello community,

I am unable to download video even after API is enabled for my account.

{redacted images}

This is what we are getting in response. Please suggest

Is this a feature @zaid or @renan enabled for you so you could test it ahead of general release?


Yes this featured was enabled for us by Mr. Zaid, but I am sorry it shows success but no data after download.

Snap attached for reference


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Ashu {redatected}

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Hey @ashu.mukerjii!

A POST request to that endpoint you posted will create the download. You can make a GET request retrieve status. Please see for examples.



We have followed the exact process as you mentioned in this document

We are getting response too but when it comes download file from cloudflare it gives “HTTP status Error (401)”. I attached screenshot for the same. There seems an authorization issue for downloading video from CloudFlare. Can you plz help.

To check the package we used in our app, we tried with another source to download MP4 video and it works fine. That means the package we used is working without any error but only when we fetch Downloadable API from POST request from CloudFlare, it gives 401 error. I attached second screenshot where you can see video has been downloaded from other source with same package.

Kindly get back to us as early as possible.


It seems like your videos are private (you have signed urls turned on.) If you have signed URLs turned on, the mp4 cannot be accessed without a signed url token. Please see:



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