MP4 Problem

I’m hungary sorry little speak english!

I have
Dedicated server, I would like to use your service but when i change the
nameserver the mp4 files do not start… :frowning:

Daily visitor:

Pls help!

Cloudflare is not made to server MP4 files. But if you provide us with your domain we can have a look at it.

My Domain:

But is not currently connected to Cloudflare… because my visitors can’t have fun

Things somehow are not matching up. Sorry. This site outputs a plain textfile with the word “HAMAROSAN!”. That does not look like a 30.000 visitor/day site at all.

If it’s not connected to Cloudflare it’s very hard to debug and tell you what the problem is.

mp4 files are under this domain address
this is not the main page

Please show the domain that you want to use Cloudflare with, so we can reproduce what is not working.

I’m agin connect - Cloudflare

Your request is in progress. Most nameserver updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

the fault is that the videos will not start as soon as the dns are stopped

I set Page Rules

I do not need cache since i have a strong ssd server

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