Mp4 download functionality missing subtitle and audio tracks?

We’ve been experimenting with uploading multiple audio and subtitle tracks to our videos, but we’ve been unable to download the video with the correct tracks.

We tried using the MP4 URL that we can find in the admin area for a specific uploaded video, but that URL only downloads the video with the first audio track and no subtitle tracks.

We’re looking for a way to implement offline playback functionality in our native mobile apps, and we’re hoping that we can use your streaming service for that.

Does anybody know if there is a way to download the video with all the audio and subtitle tracks that we’ve uploaded?

Note that we’re not looking to download the video with all the tracks in a separate file, but rather to download the video with all the tracks in one file, so that we can use it for offline playback in our native mobile apps.

We also haven’t evaluated yet if we want to utilize DRM functionality, but we’d love to hear about it if it influences the answer to our question.

Im writing this here, since our Cloudflare support ticket hasn’t been answered after 10 days.

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