Mp3's plays like live stream


I have a big issue after I added my website on Cloudflare. I host mp3’s on my website and after adding the website, the mp3’s are acting like “live streaming”…doesn’t work to rewind and only plays for 1-2 minutes, then start over from the beginning.

I did a quick test pausing the cloud and the mp3 are working fine. I also added a page rule to cache everything and also the /.mp3. Nothing seams to fix the issue!

Any info about this ? Kindly appreciate any help resolving this .
Thank you


Assuming you embedded the file with a player, it sounds like a script issue. Play around with Auto Minify options or disable Rocket Loader. Remember to clear the cache after every change.


Thank you for the reply. I had Rocket Loader set to off anyway, I tried to “play” with Auto Minify closing each one and clearing cache. I end up setting all of them to off and the issue is still there.

Any other suggestion?
Thank you.

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