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Good afternoon, thank you very much for your new DNS service that works phenomenal. But unfortunately I have a problem. I change to Movistar and the address is reserved, if you go to the page you go to the configuration of the router and you can not use the DNS. I contacted Movistar but they do not want to solve the issue. The problem is with the router HGU RTF3505VW. This problem is in all countries that have Movistar and have that specific router (Spain, Chile, Peru, etc). They said they were going to fix it but it’s a lie, they never solved it.

Thank you very much and hopefully do something for Movistar customers can enjoy privacy with DNS Cloudflare.


Movistar (or that router company) has inappropriately taken that IP address.

Try instead.


Here in Spain, Movistar is blocking access to with his HGU router.

The operator refuses to open access to
They are blocking using the Cloudflare main IP using a firmware in the router that they do not want to change.

It’s totally illegal but customers cant do nothing.

Our internet traffic in Spain is kidnapped agains international neutral traffic of international laws.

They DENY to solve the problem.

Please, help us.


Same in Chile. Please Cloudflare help us


There is nothing Cloudflare can do to solve the issue if the manufacturers are being stubborn about the hijacked IP.

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Maybe Cloudflare putting a international formal claim against Movistar because around the World users cant connect to within maybe no good intentions … ?


It would probably need to be the users that would do that, not Cloudflare.


I ALREADY put a OFFICIAL claim here in Spain but the response of the operator (Movistar) was to DENY TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

The Cloudflare IP here in Spain is kidnapped/hijacked by Movistar by purpouse.


Like I say, if they refuse to fix the issue, it is unlikely that Cloudflare can do anything.

By Movistar - not a lot CF can do.


Ok, so Movistar users Will NOT be able to use because we are blocked by purpouse.

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