Moving Wordpress Blog to different physical host

How do I move my blog to a new host, when my register points to cloudflare dns’s?
(i.e. from godaddy to siteground)

I can’t install an addon domain because I think it needs to be pointed to the new physical host, but not sure.

When you move to a different server, just update the IP addresses in your Cloudflare DNS page. You’ll have to look up those addresses at your new host. They should have their own DNS page for you and your site.

Thank you, I found the new server ip address, there are a dozen or so fields in cloudflare dns, so just replace the fields that have that old server ip value with the new one (about 7) entries?

At least two of them will have to change: and ‘www’.

The others are probably tied to email and possibly the cPanel features if that’s what you were using.

Ideally, you make your Cloudflare DNS look just like the DNS at your new host if that new host is where all your domain-related services (such as email) are hosted.

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