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I am changing hosting providers. On my control panel site details page, I don’t see an edit function for the line entries related to my website,

Do I need to delete the current records and create new replacements? or have I overlooked an edit function?



Usually not. You’re managing your dns records through the Cloudflare dashboard. All you need to do is an update of your DNS records Lila A or CNAME.

Lower the TTL if needed so your new records will be propagated quickly si you can get this change done seamless :slight_smile:

To edit a record just click into the according field.


Thank you for your response. It was helpful, butI need further clarification due to my lack of detailed understanding of A records and of the Cloudflare control panel.

In the control panel DNS screen, I see 8 line items (for my domain and sub-domains) that look like A records to me. Were they entered here or did Cloudflare copy them from my registrar? I was assuming that the entities that are routed through Cloudflare were ones I entered in this control panel. Cloudflare uses them, as I understand, to send and retrieve my site’s data, but Cloudflare has placed A records of its own making (and pointing to its server) in the replicated public DNS servers around the world. So that visitors go to Cloudflare, not my site.

Thus, to tell the world where my site is, I tell the world nothing directly. What Cloudflare has told the world is still true. To spread the word about the new server around the world, I just need to tell Cloudflare the new location,; the rest of the world is none the wiser.

If this is correct, then I need to (directly, not through an external site that gets replicated to Cloudflare) change the A records found on the DNS page. To do that, it appears that I need to delete the current A record (since I don’t find a way to edit them) and create new ones to replace them.

Have I misunderstood?

Thanks a million for your support, I am (almost) clueless about this level of technical detail.


You will need to update the DNS information here yourself. Once you set up the new server, your new host dashboard should tell you the new IP address(es). Edit your DNS entries here by clicking on the old IP address and type in the new one. Cloudflare will take care of the rest.

If you have any :grey: DNS entries here, DO THIS NOW: Make sure the TTL for each one is low, around 5-10 minutes.


You got me one step farther along my path to victory. Here’s what I now know. (1) The new host says their dns servers are at DNS1.AMASERVER.COM and DNS2.AMASERVER.COM . (2) The current A record entries in Cloudflare (on…) are in the form of IP addresses. (e.g.,

I think you are saying I need to discover the new IP address for the site (and related services) and place them in the A records used by Cloudflare. I have requested the IP from the new host; they originally only sent the DNS server information, so far. When I get the IP, I will insert on the DNS page on Cloudflare.

If I am correct about the above, I only have two questions:

  1. Do I need to place the DNS server information on Cloudflare somewhere? Probably not, since Cloudflare will already have the IP of the website. In that case, the DNS server information will be unused, it seems, since the registrar will point to Cloudflare as the destination. Is that correct?

  2. You warn me to make the TTsL low. They are all set to “Automatic” now. Is that sufficient or should I change them?

Thanks again for your help,


Yes, you need to discover the new IP addresses so you can put them in DNS here.

You don’t need to add AMASERVER anywhere in Cloudflare. You won’t be using those any more.

Automatic TTL is good.

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