Moving website from cloudflare to Wix

Hey guys, not sure if anyone can offer their sage advice.
My old website was created using Moonfruit I used Cloudflare (domain hosted my Namesco).
I’m in the process of changing to Wix and know that they don’t support Cloudflare.
I changed the nameservers on Namesco to the Wix ones for my new website with the same domain name: and

This was around 36 hours ago and website and mailbox have been down the whole time (which is expected) but wondered if somethings gone wrong because i didn’t change the nameservers on cloudflare, just did it directly on Namesco and deleted website from cloudflare. Should this even make a difference?

Checked the DNS to see where in the world the NS has propagated and it’s not changed since yesterday morning (tried DNS flush, different browsers/devices/networks)

Thanks for any insight anyone can offer.

The domain does point to however their nameservers do not respond for it right now. You need to clarify this with them I am afraid.

Thanks for your reply Sandro. So what i’ve done looks correct?
I can get in touch with them later today as they will insist that i need to wait 48 hours

It does look correct, if it really is the correct servers is something they need to tell you.

That shouldn’t really be necessary. It can take 48-ish hours to propagate globally, but the nameservers are already set and they can verify that as well

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address: nameserver = nameserver =

Just phoned Wix up and i’ve now reverted to original nameservers and connecting to new website via pointing. It seems to be propagating much faster and i’m receiving emails again.
My website still isn’t loading but hopefully it will soon

Thought i’d update one last time just incase anyone else has problems with Wix nameservers.
New website is now live and working properly after just 1 hour! DNS pointing was definitely the better and faster option in this case.

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