Moving webhosts - What do I need to change


I’m moving webhosts, from WPengine to a VPS running Plesk.

Would it be possible to have some guidance as to what exactly I’m changing in Cloudflare DNS? Do I simply change the CNAME? Current;y it’s set to:
CNAME is an alias of
do I simply change the ‘is an alias of’ to the servers IP address?

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If it’s Plesk, you’ll need an “A” record with the IP address. Not a CNAME.

Just read: Understanding DNS record types |

By the sounds of it, I’ll have to remove the CNAME altogether and create an A record as you suggested.

I’m currently using Mailgun to send emails from the website & using Office 365 for email. As my new VPS will send out email (WPEngine did not), I can remove the TXT references to Mailgun, & the website should then send out emails from the server, am I right in thinking that?

Correct on removing the CNAMEs first.

I’d stick with Mailgun, as mail server reputation is very important to them and is more reliable than sending from your VPS. But if you do want to send from your VPS, then remove those mailgun TXT records. Your WordPress setup will also need to know to not use Mailgun to send mail.

Ah coolio,

Thanks for your prompt response!

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