Moving two form authentication to new phone when 2 form auth is required - help

I got a new phone and wanted to move my two form auth to it. I use google authenticator. Here is the problem: Cloudflares process is to disable 2 form, then re-enable it moving it to the new device. Well i can’t disable it because 2 form auth is REQUIRED by my company and it won’t let me disable it. So how do i move it? I don’t have the backup codes when i first set it up. I do still have my old phone and the authenticator is still working on it. I emailed support but they don’t seem to understand the problem.

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Your best bet would be to contact support who can work with your technical contacts to make the required changes for your organization.

@aaron.bracken, this tip concludes with the details you need to give to the support team, Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication. If you’re seeing delays, please share your ticket number if you can.

So the answer was to contact support and they removed they had to disable it manually, Then when i signed in again it forced me to set it up and i was able to do so on my new device.

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