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Hello everyone,
i have a website already pointed to cloudflare and now i had built a new website with the same hosting but with a new hosting plan so they Give me a new server so my question here i need to point the new website with the new server to my domain here at cloudflare without any downtime so i wonder if there’s a way to do this without downtime and i want to know the steps of doing this action

And my domain that pointed here are already working with the old website
so now i have the two websites OLD Domain pointed here and new one which i need to point it to that domain and the old website that pointed to here are working now and live

PS : both of them are hosted on Hetzner but in two Different Servers

I’m sorry, I’m a little confused.

So will there be 2 website at the end of the day or you are trying to change the server of the current site so there will be 1 website in the end?

From whatever I understand, you just need to change your IP address in your DNS record to point your existing site to your new server (IP).

If you are getting a new domain and would like to add it to Cloudflare, this is how you can minimise downtime:

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