Moving to new host provider but keeping registar service

Hi all,

I’m hosting my website on (let’s say) Alpha_Host, which is my registar too. My current DNS points to colin and robin on Cloudflare.

I want to move my hosting to Sitegroud, but since it does not support my local TLD, i can’t move ALL (domain name + files) to Siteground.

My question is this: If i want to move my file to Siteground and keep my current domain with my current registar, what changes should i do to my DNS and where? Should i change DNS on my registar or should i change IPs on Cloudflare?


Hi @user6647,

As your nameservers point to Cloudflare, your DNS will be hosted here. This means you should update the Cloudflare DNS page with the new details from Siteground.

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Hi, thanks for the reply,

Can you explain what kind of details I should update please?

You would typically do a one-to-one match of your DNS records here with the ones at your new provider. The most common exception to this is if your email is hosted elsewhere.

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