Moving to Cloudflare with a SSL wildcard cert based domain?

One road block I have to moving one of my more important domains (currently using Sucuri Cloudproxy as I can upload my old SSL certs) to Cloudflare is the SSL certificate on my domain is current Comodo SSL wildcard certificate and it currently covers 100s of subdomains under my domain. It comes in handy to spin up test HTTP/2 HTTPS based servers I can use the one SSL wildcard cert to cover them all without knowing before hand what the subdomain name will be.

Without upgrading to Business/Enterprise or sharing with Flexible SSL with other CF sites, the closest thing I can see in Cloudflare’s offerings is dedicated ssl with custom hostnames but that requires me knowing before hand the subdomain name and max is 50 entries.

So only option is to disable HTTPS on Cloudflare end and serve it myself ? But that automatically makes Cloudflare 301 redirect HTTPS to HTTP. Or just stick with Flexible SSL ?



Dedicated SSL comes with wildcard support and cover both domain.tld and *.domain.tld.

You don’t need Dedicated with custom hostnames for your initial question.

Dedicated SSL with custom hostnames can be used if you have to secure more hostnames, eg.
wildcard: *.staging.domain.tld or explicit client1.staging.domain.tld.


Ah i misread that explanation thanks for clarifictaion :slight_smile:

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Np, glad to help. :smile: