Moving to a new domain name

Hi there,

Currently my cloudflare account has a domain name that I no longer want to renew with the original registrar and created a new domain name with another registrar. I want to move my site from that old domain to the new domain.

Please note that old domain here have “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” activated so I want all of that to move to the new domain name as well.

How can I do that?

Zones (Domains) here are independent entities. If you’re moving to a new domain name, you’ll need to start from scratch with +Add Site, and disable anything on the old domain you no longer wish to pay for.

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I can’t redirect?

You can redirect from the old domain to the new one, but the new one will be a fresh setup at Cloudflare.

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Sorry for the late reply.

So I have to turn off the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” in the old domain and make a new order in the new domain for this addon? There’s no way to transfer the remaining days of my subscription to the new domain?

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