Moving site to a new server

soon I’ll move my Hostgator site from one VPS server to another. What do I have to do here in Cloudflare to avoid anydowntime?

This is what I see in my DNS management section. I see the actual IP address on the lines cpanel,, ns1, ns2, webdisk, webmail, whm and TXT.

I should simply edite those IPs with the new ones? Sorry for the question, but I’m really no expert.

Yes. If it’s an identical setup on a different server, all you have to do is change the IP address in each of those entries.

The TXT part is a bit confusing. What should I do there?

It depends on what the TXT record is for. If it is an spf record, you should adjust it if where you are sending emails from is going to change. Does the current TXT record contain the same IP address?

Also, what is the purpose of the two records ns1 and ns2?

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Under the TXT I see “v=spf1 ip4:” followed by the IP of my website. Then “ip4:” and and IP number i don’t recognize, followed by “a mx ~all”

Your host should be able to assist with the values you need in your DNS records.

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