Moving site from primary to add-on domain. Anything to change at Cloudflare?

I have a Cloudflare-enabled website hosted at Siteground (registrar is Godaddy). Everything is working great with the Cloudflare setup. The domain name is the primary domain name at Siteground, but I am going to change it to an add-on domain and swap in a current add-on domain to the primary domain. It’ll be on the same cpanel.

My question is, will I need to change anything here at Cloudflare for it to continue working properly? For example, my DNS settings here. The nameservers at Godaddy need to change, as they are set to the Cloudflare nameservers already, of course.

It won’t be a name server issue, but you’ll most likely have to update your DNS record(s) to match the new IP address.

Thank you. I don’t think my IP address will change, though. I know at Siteground I’ve read that an addon domain has the same IP address as the primary domain. In fact, they charge you if you want a different IP address for an addon domain. Or do you think I am missing something?

I don’t know what SiteGround will do if you change it to an add-on domain, so just keep an eye on the IP address in SiteGround’s DNS panel to see if it changes.

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I just asked their support and they said the IP address will be the same, so it sounds like I shouldn’t have any issues. But I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks for your assistance.

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