Moving site connected to Cloudflare to new hosting


Hey all!

I was couple times forced to change hosting for my websites and I will be facing similar issue soon.

However in my case i had huge downtime probably I did something wrong.

Assuming I have a website on CF and its working nicely, but I have to move it to next hosting, what should I do?

Is this the way to do it for minimum downtime?

  1. Remove site from CF
  2. change hosting.
  3. Add site to CF

I dont want to expect that downtime i expected before so I thought I would ask you!

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I just did this, and it was seamless.

  1. I migrated my sites to a new server
  2. Updated new IP address in my DNS panel here
  3. Within minutes, my site was being served from the new site

The beauty of Cloudflare fronting a site is your public IP address won’t change, nor does the SSL certificate. Visitors won’t notice any difference.

The only caveat is any database changes during the transfer. If you have a maintenance mode on your site, you may choose to do that. For my most database intensive site, I had a six minute pause in service as I made the switch.

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@ sdayman…i’m changing the hosting from inmotion to hostgator. but i need one help from your end…i’ve already change the server ip on cloudflare. but i’m confusing one thing, on IP section i did change my current server ip but one place where local ip is mentioned, so at that location what should i do that…details



You probably don’t need that, but it’s not going to hurt anything if you leave it the way it is.