Moving site between 2 Cloudflare accounts - will DNSSEC break?

I’ve got a site on Cloudflare that’s working great. It has DNSSEC enabled and I’d previously transferred the domain to Cloudflare’s registrar.

I am not the site owner, and to keep things appropriately compartmentalized, I want to move the site from my personal Cloudflare account to the site owner’s Cloudflare account. I’ll continue admin’ing things, but moving it to his account makes it easier for Cloudflare to bill the site owner directly.

I’ve already got the site’s DNS and everything set up properly on the owner’s account, and I simply need to change the nameservers to do the switch. However, before I pull the trigger, I want to make sure that having DNSSEC enabled won’t screw anything up here. Do I need to disable DNSSEC before changing the nameservers, or can I simply make the change and trust Cloudflare will handle the migration without issue?

tl;dr - domain on Cloudflare (dns and registrar both) on my personal account. want to move the domain to a different Cloudflare account. dnssec is enabled and working and I don’t want to screw that up; can i just change the nameservers, or do i need to do something else first?

I’d really contact support for that.

Does Cloudflare (as registrar) support a domain transfer to another account at all yet?

Thanks, @sando—it’s a “pro” account, so I’ve put in a ticket. No clue if CF’s registrar functionality includes transferring yet. I was hoping someone here would know :slight_smile:

Not saying nobody here could have experience with that scenario, but the registrar bit is still somewhat new and has its quirks.

I’d definitely wait for the official support response. Meanwhile though, @cloonan :slight_smile:

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Please lmk the ticket and i will keep an eye on it. The transfer out option isn’t there yet, but presumably you’d be able to move ownership. Wrt DNSSEC on the zones, best to let support know that in process for input. I did a quick scan of tickets and did not see a similar scenario. For new zones coming in to Cloudflare, I saw advice to disable transfer and then reenable.

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Hi @cloonan - check request 1616935. Definitely don’t want to transfer anything out—simply want to move the domain within Cloudflare to a different account with its own billing information separate from my personal account.

Ticket was updated today:

Thank you for your reply. This feature is not yet released, our Registrar team is working to release all features as quickly as possible. At this time we do not have an ETA for this particular feature.

I’m assuming by “this feature” the support person means “the ability to move domains between Cloudflare accounts.”

They probably mean the ability to move domain registrations between account. They can already move domains between accounts.

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