Moving over name servers with as little downtime as possible


I currently have a domain with GoDaddy - we haven’t launched the website but our launch date is in 7 days. Currently it is just a placeholder asking people to sign up.

We have 2 other websites on Cloudflare and would like to transfer the nameservers of this domain over to cloudflare as well.

How much downtime do you expect by doing this? I know it takes a while to verify Nameservers, have I left to little time to transfer before the main launch? What is the best way of doing this to cause as little disruption to the site as possible.

It’s quite new to me so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @charlie7,

You generally shouldn’t see any downtime on the site if you follow the recommended process.

The key things are:

  • Make sure all your DNS records are copied over to Cloudflare correctly
  • Set all DNS records to :grey: to start with and your site will continue running as before and the change of nameservers will gradually propagate, there should be no downtime with this.
  • Once the Cloudflare SSL cert has issued, you can then switch to :orange: to enable Cloudflare on the site.

7 days should be plenty. Please just let us know if you have any further questions!


Hi @domjh,

Thanks very much! Will give that a try and let you know if I have any issues.

All the best,

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