Moving Name Servers and editing DNS at cloudflare


Recently I moved my DNS to google domains, and changed my host provider.

At google I pointed the nameservers to my newhost provider, and on my newhost provider I set up the cloudflare to be used there.

But when I try to acess my website I get 1016 error, I login on mt cloudflare account and on the DNS configuration I see a message telling the only my old host and dns provider can manage the DNS records.

So, what I have to do to register my new host and dns on cloudflare?

That would suggest you moved it away from Cloudflare, at which point Cloudflare will disable the domain in your account. If you use Cloudflare, you have to use their nameservers.

Which domain is it?

My domain is

I moved it from the host siteground to the host greengeeks

I manage my domain at google domains, there I pointed the nameservers to greengeeks.

At greengeeks I create this:


is that right?

Are you on a Business plan with a CNAME setup?

My plan with cloudflare is free

Then I am afraid it is not and Cloudflare removed your domain for aforementioned reason. You’ll need to set it up again and use Cloudflare’s nameservers.

ok, I´ll try to do this

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