Moving my Domain back to its Original Host

I have a free account and it shows the domain in Cloudflare. When I try to move it back to its original host it just cannot seem to find the transfer or unlock information.
I am trying to get it back with Siteground

If you just moved your domain to Cloudflare then you need to wait 60 before being able to move it somewhere else. This is an ICANN rule, Question 8.

While what you are saying is correct I believe the OP would like to transfer their domain back to their original registrar also know as the (losing registrar) in a domain transfer. To the best of my knowledge I believe that the 60 day lock does not apply when transferring back from the Gaining Registrar to the Losing Registrar but this policy may have recently changed.

I would love to hear how Cloudflare would address such a situation as I was considering asking a similar question as the OP.

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I don’t believe it matters who the registrar is for the lock.
The transfer policy I found from ICANN states:

The Registrar imposed a 60-day inter-registrar transfer lock following a Change of Registrant

My guess is that it means any change of registrant, as it doesn’t say there is an exception when transferring back.

However, the policy does mention one exception:

Registered Name Holder did not opt out of the 60-day inter-registrar transfer lock prior to the Change of Registrant request.

However, it appears that registrars are not required to offer the 60-day opt-out. If you plan on transferring domains, then it might make sense to open a registry ticket beforehand to see if Cloudflare offers the 60 day opt out.

I thought it was the 60 day period but found that i was way past this date. The only think that i could find was that i was on a free tariff as i wanted to see how Cloudflare works for me and when I tried to port it back to its original host, Cloudflare requested payment for me to transfer the site to Cloudflare. So it appears that if the account is free they any sites transferred to Cloudflare are not truly transferred until you pay for it. Therefore the transfered site is in limbo. Leaning curve for me.

This is required when moving a domain between any registrar.

The free plans is per zone and you don’t have to transfer your domain to Cloudflare to use the free plan. You can just change your nameserver to your assigned Cloudflare one’s.

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