Moving hosting to Cloudflare Pages from Bluehost (keep domain there)

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Hey all, I’m not too sure where to start with this. I have been rebuilding a static (Astro) for a client, who have their domain and current site all hosted on Bluehost.

I’m looking to move the hosting to Cloudflare Pages, while keeping their domain on Bluehost, due to .ca restrictions which they wish to keep (Canadian local business)

What steps do I need to take to setup the site within CFP, and point it to the domain registered through bluehost? I’ve found a ton of topics on the inverse of this and moving a domain to Cloudflare, but can’t seem to find much for this.


If the hostname isn’t the apex (, like if they’re using, a Pages Project can use a Custom Domain that’s using external DNS:


This looks like what I’m after actually! Perfect thank you


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