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Hey Team…

I have just moved host (and they are parking everything up) and directed the DNS from them to CF.

Now, all the old IP addresses were pointing to my old hots, In Motion and I just changed all of them to the new host IP.
I am wondering, is it best to just delete the old CF domain record and start again or edit the current one?

My site is not loading images correctly and super slow and my new host is parking useless!
I am not amazing with tech and struggling, so any help would be amazing!

Is it it best to cut sandwiches horizontally or diagonally? :wink:

You may want to sort your DNS records into various groups such as:

  • I know what this one does
  • I don’t know what this one does
  • I need this one
  • I need this one, but with different contents
  • I don’t need this one

That should help move along your DNS cleanup.

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To be honest mate, I am at a loss with most of them… Minus the Google and Klavyio records and the DNS back to my host.

And my host are no help… I would have more luck calling my local butcher and asking.

With this, that is why I wondered if it best to start fresh?

I don’t know what you consider a fresh start, but do not delete your site from Cloudflare, as it is guaranteed to only make things worse. If you think it will be easier to delete most of the existing DNS records, there is no reason not to.

I would make an export first, just to have a copy of everything that is there now, just in case you wind up needing something from it.

Thanks, that takes “Delete and start again” off the table… Cheers!

I might try find an expert and get them to work on it for me to clean up.
I don’t know what records I need to keep, what are directed wrong etc… So kinda useless really lol

Thanks for your help!

Not necessarily. It just means that you don’t do that by deleting the domain from Cloudflare. You can manually delete all of the records individually through the DNS app in the dashboard. You can also use the API. There are some third party-tools that can make that easier.


That is never a bad idea.

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Thanks for your advice mate, I will start looking for a pro and get it cleaned up.


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