Moving host - when to change settings on Cloudflare?

I’ve got Cloudflare set up for SSL. I’m moving my hosting from A Small Orange to Zen (but the domain names are still with ASO). At what point in the process of moving stuff and setting up do I need to change the settings on Cloudflare?

I’ve looked for a guide on what to do and couldn’t find one, so if there is a guide that I’ve missed, I’d be grateful if someone could point me towards it.


First, make sure all DNS records have a low TTL, such as 10 minutes or less.

Set up at Zen, and then change your DNS here.

Thanks for your replies!

Looking at my settings on Cloudshare, the TTL is set to “automatic” or should I change that? (then move the site, then change the IP address on Cloudshare to my new IP address?)

Automatic is good. That’s about 5 or 6 minutes.

Once you get Zen set up, then change those IP addresses.

But take note of your old settings in case something breaks and you need to revert to the old site.

That’s great, thanks for your help! :slight_smile: I will crack on with changing the settings!

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