Moving from Zoho emails to Cloudflare Email Routing


I would like to move from Zoho, currently I’m utilizing 8% of the 5GB quota from the Free Zoho Email, but these emails are important to me.
I understand how to move to Cloudflare but I’m not sure how am I going to retrieve my emails once I moved.
My plan is to use Cloudflare routing and host the emails in Gmail.

Any advice?

Thank You

Follow Google’s support article below to import your Zoho emails into your Gmail account. You want to do this before switching over.


Thanks a lot George, checking this right now

Don’t do it. Cloudflare Email Routing is suitable for only a narrow selection of use cases. Email addresses that will be used as active user mailboxes is not one of those cases.

Forwarding personal email has been a lost cause for almost a decade now. In the age of DMARC, you will bring yourself nothing but anguish. In order to send domain email that can be properly authenticated for delivery, you will need to use a server that DKIM signs for your email domain. Gmail will not do that without either an external server or a Workspace account. If you have the latter, it makes no sense to forward instead of just routing to MX.

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Thank you so much for your valuable advice. I’ve decided to move because I’ve had enough of Zoho’s free tier and I don’t want to upgrade. I was torn between Cloudflare email routing and MXRoute. This advice practically made me slam on the brakes on the highway.

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I don’t have anything against Cloudflare Email Routing. It’s just important to understand its limitations. If you are using the addresses in conjunction with user mailboxes, MXRoute is the more appropriate of those two options.

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I appreciate your advice and thank you for sharing your knowledge. It’s greatly beneficial for making informed decisions.


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