Moving from Yearly to Monthly while Upgrading

We’re currently on the Pro plan, paid yearly, renewal in November. We’d like to upgrade to Business plan, but monthly. However, I can’t seem to get that option despite the instructions suggesting there should be a toggle for shifting between annual and monthly.

Do I need to first apply for a downgrade to monthly at Pro, and then upgrade to Business? The documentation doesn’t seem very clear.

Hi, please raise a ticket so that we can look into this query.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did do that once I realized that it was possible (I didn’t know there were some support options for billing), but unfortunately things have stalled due to the billing issues I think. I’ve had no further action on my ticket for several days since agreeing to allow them to force the move from pro annual to business monthly. I guess until that is sorted out, I will have to wait patiently.