Moving from other provider to Cloudflare DNS

So, we have a big webshop hosted by Shopify and email is provided by Microsoft. We want to move our DNS from our current domain provider to Cloudflare DNS only.

Is it as simple as adding/copying all the current DNS records (DNS only) in Cloudflare and in the end change the domain nameservers to *** and ***

That’s it? Just want to be sure I’m not forgetting something.

Thank you.

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That’s pretty much it. You may want to familiarize yourself with the distinction between :grey: DNS Only and :orange: Proxied. These Community Tutorial topics may also prove useful.

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Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Still, I’m not sure if I need to change something on Shopify’s or Microsoft’s end. I think changing the DNS is the only thing I need to do. Can you confirm?

Since Shopify (they use Cloudflare) and Microsoft are the hosters of the service, I think we don’t need ‘proxied’ and the free Cloudflare account will suffice.

Assuming that you already have both services up and running, there shouldn’t be anything to change at either.

While you certainly can use Cloudflare for DNS only, many people want to use the security and performance features of Cloudflare. Those require the use of the proxy. Some records should not be proxied, which is why I suggested familiarization with how the proxy setting works.

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