Moving from one hosting to another

Hi, I moved from namecheap to a2hosting but my site went down, What do I need to do to change the nameservers or dns settings?

Thank you

You will need to change where your DNS records are pointing. You should read this tutorial:

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I have checked the DNS records from the hosting and on cloudflare but my site is still down

Did you get an error message?

The main thing to verify when changing hosting, and before you change the DNS, is the SSL Mode on your Cloudflare zone. Depending on what your SSL Mode is, you need to ensure that the new hosting is capable of supporting the same SSL mode. So if you are using Full (Strict) (which is the recommended setting) then your new hosting will need to have a valid certificate for your hostname. If you are using Flexible, then you will need to ensure that the new hosting is not redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS. (And also plan on quickly changing from Flexible to Full (Strict).)

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