Moving from one Cloudflare account to another

I read the Help article on this but I’m still a little confused. I have a client that I am moving to my hosting. Their current host is through their advertising agency which has them on the ad agencies Cloudflare account. Although I don’t personally have access to the existing Cloudflare account with the ad agency, it is a friendly move so I can get them to work with me if needed. Aside from the nameservers, I want to ensure all the existing DNS and other settings move with the account.

Can someone please help me with the step-by-step for making that happen?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

That’s not generally not feasible, but we can give you the general rundown.

You basically have to start over on a new account. As this is for a client, I strongly suggest you set up their own account with Multi User access, as this is good practice in such a situation.

Then add that domain to the new account, just like you do for any domain (then change name servers).

While this is going on, ask that other agency to export the DNS records so you can import them:

And that’s pretty much it, other than fine-tuning their settings, as settings won’t transfer over.

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Thank you! Very helpful!

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