Moving from Microsoft 365 to Gsuite

Hi There,

We want to move from Microsoft office 365 to Gsuite.

We have been asked to make some modifications on our DNS records to make this switch.

They told us that it might take at least 24h to 48h to make to have the system fully operational.

Do we need to create some backup MX records in order to make sure that we can still send and receive emails during that time?

If you’re already using Cloudflare for DNS, you can drop TTL for those DNS entries down to 2 minutes. Right now, it’s probably set to Automatic, which is 5 minutes. Whatever it is (it could be as high as 24 hours), that’s how long you will have to wait for your new TTL to take effect.

At worst, some email will still trickle into those Office 365 accounts, so keep them open for a week and use their webmail interface to check for stragglers.

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Thank you i will then reduce the TTL to 2 minutes.

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