Moving from Godaddy - what can Cloudfare do/not do?

I use Godaddy for hosting my wordpress site (including domain renewal) and also use them for email (imap, 5 accounts). They’ve recently done some upgrades (yes cost more at same time) and it’s just now worth it anymore as it’s a purely family/personal thing.

So I’m looking to move to something else. Cloudfare comes top when searching for some things (SSL updates for example).

I’m unsure what I can/can’t manage from within Cloudfare. Can I move the domain (that I’ve seen guides on - so yes I guess), the hosting (not sure if Cloudfare does this) and then I have my 5 email accounts (all with same domain) and I’d like to move those without losing any data.

Not looking for free, but something better than Godaddy and I can’t seem to find this information.
Any pointers welcome.

Specific worries - if I move the domain to Cloudfare, will Godaddy still have to do the hosting?
If Cloudfare do domain and hosting, but not email, what options do I have for sorting that?

Would rather a one stop shop.

Hi @kenneth1,

Cloudflare does not do web hosting in general (there are a few options for developers with static sites), but you will need a server to host a WordPress site. Cloudflare can handle DNS, security and performance, but you will need somewhere to host your website and email.