Moving from GoDaddy to CloudFlare

So we want to move over to CloudFlare however we currently have an urgent matter to do which is to create a website on a subdomain.

websitename(dot)com is hosted on GoDaddy (Managed WordPress)
client.websitename(dot)com is the subdomain we want to install a new website

We have purchased GridPane + Linode, so I need to connect the domain websitename(dot)com to GridPane via CloudFlare. However we dont want to move over websitename(dot)com completely yet, we just want to setup client.websitename(dot)com on the new GridPane + Linode environment and start creating the website.

How do we do this?

We currently have a Free account for CloudFlare and I tried to add a new site but I’m afraid to change the nameservers because I’m not sure if it will crash the current live site websitename(dot)com and mess up the Gsuite already setup for websitename(dot)com.

First thing’s first, I guess. You want to get that subdomain up and running. It can take as long as 48 hours to change name servers over to Cloudflare. You may want to add it to GoDaddy DNS first. Or not:

Any time you add a domain to Cloudflare, start with just basic DNS. Make sure that every single DNS record you have at your current host is copied to Cloudflare DNS. Every Single One (extra emphasis because it’s super important). Identical copy.

And then make sure every entry is set to :grey: (click on the :orange: to toggle).

Now your Cloudflare DNS will work just like the old DNS. Unless you have a host that throws a hissy fit because you’re not using their DNS. GoDaddy isn’t like that as long as you do everything right.

Wait 48 hours for name server update to propagate.

Then you can add that new subdomain to Cloudflare DNS and it will work.

Thank you for the fast response.

One problem is, I have a managed WordPress on GoDaddy, so adding subdomain is missing not until I have the cPanel hosting option.

Also this is how it looks when I try to add the main domain to CloudFlare

I have added all the records to CloudFlare but have not updated the DNS yet.

Sorry, where do i set this one?

So when I change the nameservers to point to cloudflare gsuite will break as well as the live site while waiting for DNS to propagate? or will they still continue to be live but the only thing I can’t add yet is to add the subdomain on CloudFlare?

They won’t let you manually edit your DNS records? If that’s the case, then you’ll have to move over to Cloudflare name servers first. But that shouldn’t be the case. You’re not doing a cPanel add-on hosted subdomain. It’s with a different service, so you only need the appropriate DNS record added to your domain.

As for anything breaking…no.You have a DNS list. Then you’ve photocopied that list over to Cloudflare. They’re identical. As your visitors transition from the old name servers to the new ones, they will not know which copy they’re looking at. They’re identical, and will function as such.

Yes, I can edit the DNS records manually but I can’t add subdomains unless i buy a managed WP hosting from GoDaddy for each of the subdomains I add.

Just want to make sure, this is it ( correct? I’ve turned it off now.

So I can now update the nameserver records from godaddy to point to CF right?

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