Moving from Cloudflare to AWS R53


I’m looking to move from Cloudflare DNS to AWS Route 53. I’m looking at this AWS document to prepare:

One of the steps is to update the NS record TTL. How is this done within Cloudflare?

Step 4: Lower TTL settings

The TTL (time to live) setting for a record specifies how long you want DNS resolvers to cache the record and use the cached information. When the TTL expires, a resolver sends another query to the DNS service provider for a domain to get the latest information.

The typical TTL setting for the NS record is 172800 seconds, or two days. The NS record lists the name servers that the Domain Name System (DNS) can use to get information about how to route traffic for your domain. Lowering the TTL for the NS record, both with your current DNS service provider and with Amazon Route 53, reduces downtime for your domain if you discover a problem while you’re migrating DNS to Route 53. If you don’t lower the TTL, your domain could be unavailable on the internet for up to two days if something goes wrong.


My “Monday morning catty answer” is that if you cannot figure out how to do it with Cloudflare, AWS is going to really eat you alive; it is much more complex and less user friendly. With Cloudflare, log in, go to the DNS tab, click “edit” on the record you want to change, and adjust the TTL column.


Well on AWS it’s quite simple, you just go to the record that’s called ‘NS’ and change the TTL. I have no NS record in Cloudlfare for my domain hence why I’m asking.

FYI: In case my question wasn’t clear, it’s specifically the NS record I want to modify. I know how to edit all of the other records, it’s very straightforward.

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