Moving from BlueHost to Nexcess, I have nameservers to change, but HOW

Moving from BlueHost to Nexcess, I have nameservers to change, but HOW everywhere on Cloudflare that shows how to change - When I go to On Custom Nameservers , click Add Custom Nameservers and enter the subdomains - I Do NOT have “Add Custom Nameservers:”

registrar of the domain - which is Nexcess provided me with nameservers.

Again, I do not have the Add Custom Nameservers NOR an edit button to remove the cloudflare nameservers and replace them with the ones provided by Nexcess.

If Cloudflare is the registrar of your domain then you can’t use different name servers. You will have to transfer your domain out.

Cyb3r-Jak3 thank you for the quick response. I maybe said it incorrect. Cloudflare is still valid and I have an account, all I did was change the hosting of my domain from BlueHost to Nexcess. So I need to stay with my original Cloudflare nameservers? Also, I changed the IP address in my DNS records all of the Type A and all the names (all 11) I didn’t know what to change my localhost to so I left it. My SRV’s are all still Bluehost - is that a question for BlueHost because they allowed the transfer.

Did you move where you renew the domain from or the hosting of your site?
If Nexcess is asking you to change your nameservers to ones they give you, then you be removing your site from Cloudflare.

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They gave them to me not knowing - it was their chat support. I actually just renewed my BH with wordpress and have Nexcess with wordpress also, double paying right now. They said if I need them. Nexcess just said to change it to their IP address (which I did on the Type A accts) and if I needed the nameservers they gave them to me. Do you know how to get the system to change from the SRV’s from BH to Nexcess?

If you mean SRV DNS records then you can update them in the dashboard.

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I guess I am confused. Nexcess sent me an email that says my domain is active and gave me my sign in info for In there it still shows Cloudflare’s name servers, and my link doesn’t work I get the 404 Error Code. Nexcess stated that if I use their nameservers I can bypass Cloudflare all together.

What do people suggest? My Cloudflare acct now doesn’t show anything in there. Should I bypass Cloudflare and use the Nexcess provided nameservers?

Cyb3r-Jak3 - I am not following how do I know what the DNS records are?

All help appreciated.

You can do to get your site working. It depends on what feature you were looking to use with Cloudflare.

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