Moving from a clouflare account to another

Hello ,

We are willing to move our cloudflare domains from a cloudflare account to another.

I identified this link Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts – Cloudflare Help Center containing necessary information , but since our websites associated with these domains are live and have a usual traffic, we want to make sure that the process is going to be fluid - automatically handled from Cloudflare side - and there will not be any downtime.

Can anyone please provide us with the necessary information on what is the best way to get this transition done ?

Are these domains using Cloudflare Registrar as well? Or just Cloudflare name servers as a regular setup?

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Nope, they are registered with a registrar outside cloudflare.

Then the instructions you linked to are pretty much it. You’re essentially starting over on a new account. The only shortcut there is would be exporting and importing DNS records.

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