Moving email server from 123-reg to 365


Can anyone help. We are migrating our email hosting from to 365 and this is what they have responded with what we need to do our end.


Thank you for your reply.

I listed the DNS type as a title, the records are organised as CNAME s, TXT s, MX s, SRV s which go into the 1st field in your screenshot.

The 2nd one is for the Host Name or Name, and you will see that these are either a @ symbol in my list or customized for CNAME s as autodiscover and 3 other names.

The Content field in your screenshot is reserved for the Point to address or value, the TTL can be left the one which is default.

The only records that could represent difficulties in adding them would be the SRV, for which you can contact Cloudflare support for assistance.

Let me know once all these were added.

Thank you, Ecaterina 123 Reg

If anyone can assist that would be appreciated?



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