Moving domains to another account

Hello, we are responsible for moving few domains for a client from existing account (their old agency) to new one (registered by client). All the domains are on Cloudflare already (and have CF NS) … so what we need to do is to “just” change the ownership of the domain to different CF account.

Is there a way how to achieve it ourselves? And if not, if both account are on paid plan would support help us achieve the goal?

Because without it (when moving domains one by one) we will need to change too many things, it will take time … and we need to keep everything, just change the ownership of the domains between accounts.

Thank you very much for any info, Adam

Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts


Thanks, I already read that article. But it is not of that much help, don’t you agree? Given the description of the issue…

I’ll let the doc team know, but it seems fairly straight-forward to me, what did you find not clear?

If the domain is active in another account, it may be helpful to get the dns records to import into the new account, I think those records are what you want to keep, yes? The existing owner can help with that. Support cannot.

They can advise you what to do, but cannot take action themselves.

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I’m sorry it wasn’t as helpful for you as I find it. I shared it because I have used it as a reference when I have needed to move a domain between two Cloudflare accounts.


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