Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts?


The dns servers of our website contain servers belonging to another cloudflare account. The friend who made our site before, defined it on his own account. But he left without giving us the information. We want to open a new account ourselves and redirect the old cloudflare addresses to the new one.

But if we move the old dns numbers to the new place without deleting them, would it be a problem? We do not know the information of the old account in any way. We don’t have cloudflare management right now and it’s a big risk for us. Can you help with this?

Or do I need to move the dns numbers to their own hosting and then transfer them to a new cloudflare account.

I read the article written for it in Cloudflare, but I did not understand.

web site:

You can start fresh on a new account. Many web hosts let you export your DNS records.

Thank you. I do not know the DNS records written in the old cloudflare account. But I solved the problem :slight_smile: It turns out that the old cloudflare account belonged to a friend. I took the necessary DNS records from it and transferred it to the new account.


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