Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts - SSL

Hello, i need moving my domains to another cloudflare account.
I found instructions on how to do this:

But there is a point:
** If you have access to your existing/old account, you can transfer the Cloudflare account settings manually along with the domain. If you do not have access to your existing/old Cloudflare account and settings, reissuing [SSL/TLS certificates].**

Please tell me exactly how to transfer settings ssl to the new domain?

They just mean that you compare all settings between accounts. It’s like starting from scratch on the new account, but make sure you’ve turned on all the features you had before, including your SSL mode.

How do I transfer ssl keys? If I create new keys, the site will be unavailable to those users who have not updated dns. (I am using ssl full mode)

And even if I try to create a new certificate, I get an error:Failed to validate requested hostname * This zone is either not part of your account, or you do not have access to it. Please contact support if using a multi-user organization. (Code: 1010)

Did you ever use your web host to set up your Cloudflare account?

Which SSL keys were you using? Cloudflare sets up SSL for you automatically in the SSL/TLS panel. Unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise plan and you upload your own SSL certificates.

Or are you talking about creating Origin certificates?

Or are you talking about creating Origin certificates?

Yes, Origin certificates

If you leave the old account alone, I expect the origin certificate you already have will remain valid. But as soon as you complete set up on the new account, generate a new cert and replace the one on your server.

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