Moving Domains between Cloudflare accounts: any downtime during moving?


We are a new vendor for an existing project and we need the old vendor to move the domains associated with the projects from their CloudFlare account to ours. We have gone through the procedure outlined here:

On our case:

  • existing vendor has access to the current CloudFlare account
  • we have access to the new CloudFlare account
  • our customer has access to the registrar for the domains

Have some questions on below:

In seven (7) days, the domain status in the existing account will change to Status: Moved Away and the domain status in the new account will change to Status: Active . After 30 days, Cloudflare will purge the domain in the original/old account.

Does it mean it will take up to 7 days for the moving to take effect? We concern about the downtime which might be involved, if name servers changes is required (e.g. from CloudFlare’s name servers pair to another CloudFlare’s name servers pair), will the zones be available on both the old and new name servers pair during the period?

If you have access to your existing/old account, you can transfer the Cloudflare account settings manually along with the domain.

Does it mean that the old vendor should be able to transfer the domain, with all the zone records settings all intact? Or do we need to recreate all the DNS records (A, MX, etc) on the new Cloudflare account?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you.


The old setup becomes irrelevant five minutes after you change name servers. As with all cases of adding a domain to an account, make sure you have all your DNS records in there as well.

  1. To answer your question, that’s just housekeeping. Cloudflare will “notice” a domain that’s not active in an account and change status. After 30 days, Cloudflare will assume you’re not going to re-activate it and will automatically clear it from your account.

  2. Cloudflare transfers no settings to the new account. You’ll have to take care of DNS and feature settings on your own, just like the first time.

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