Moving Domain to new User **Site Down** Need help

We lost our IT guy this week, very suddenly. We created a new account and moved the site to a new account as specified in Cloudflare documentation. We then changed the namespace on GoDaddy as per the instructions on Cloudflare. Since then our website has been down. I am getting an error 1000 ( We need the site up. We didn’t realize this would take this long to be operational again.

If I go and put the namespace back to the original on GoDaddy, will the site be operational again? I would test this out but the first progratation took 6 hours and I don’t want to mess everything up worse than it already is.

I am truly at a loss what to do at this point. It is very difficult with the lack of support this company provides. Basically I am using suggestions from the sales department. We just need our site back asap.

If anyone can lend me some suggestions on what to do. Is there a way of contacting Support other than email. The waiting is truly painful. Is there something I need to add to the DNS? The site looks like it came over. It has the small cloud icon and then states proxied

You probably typed in incorrect DNS records in the new account. Your DNS records here should be a perfect match to the ones at GoDaddy. Even better, export your GoDaddy DNS to Unix:

And then import them here (you may need to delete all your DNS records here first)

I just might take that personally, as I responded within about ten minutes of your query. Free support for Free plans, which you’re probably on usually responds within 24 hours.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

I just called over to GoDaddy. Cloudflare would need to make the change. I just don’t understand where the support is. I didn’t type in anything under the DNS records, I just put in our domain name and it all “moved” over from the existing records.

I am assuming this is some sort of change that needs to be made, but how long does this all take. I am look at a 22 hour down time already. I wasn’t told there would be any downtime. We need the site back.

Seriously? I get that you’re new to this, but Cloudflare has gone to extraordinary lengths to provide help for all plans. And I just posted instructions on where the support is. Along with how to export your GoDaddy DNS records, then import them here.

Even in this very box I’m typing points you to help:

So…back to the issue. Where are you stuck in the process of getting your GoDaddy DNS records?

No offense intended. The original account is not a free account. We are a paying business. I created another account to move over our lost account. The free one is on “temporary” if you will and will be merged and set up to how the original account was which was a paid account. I am not looking for free service and then complaining. I apologize if that is how I came across. I am experiencing an untimely loss of an employee and frankly in a bit over my head.

Understood. It’s stressful, but I just need more info from you on what you’ve found so far at GoDaddy.

Is there a DNS Records List in your GoDaddy account?

No, since I changed the nameserver it has do DNS records under


We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.

Well…that’s certainly not helpful on GoDaddy’s part. Can you ask them for the IP address of your server? That should get you most of the way there. That’s all we need for now…just that IP address. It might even show up in some part of your GoDaddy dashboard. But as soon as you get that, your site can be back online.

Thank you for your help. I am on the phone with GoDaddy now.

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After digging around she got the IP addresses. I am going to make those changes to our DNS records, fingers crossed that it works.

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More than one? If so, then try just one. The change on a proxied :orange: record should be instantaneous, so you’ll know if you got a working one or not.

Not working. For some reason the DNS has three A records from our site. I am going to delete the one I guess that has a non-matching IP address.

It’s probably the three Cloudflare “A” IP addresses. If you have AAAA entries, get rid of those as well.

No AAAA records. I did get rid of that third record and nothing still.

Does the bottom of that DNS page tell you your Cloudflare name servers are Laylah and Neil?

Can you also post a screenshot of your DNS records here? Just for a moment so I can see it, then Edit the message and delete the image.

p.s. If the forum software doesn’t let you add new messages since you just registered and maxed out your post limit, just edit your last post with any updates.

The nameserver look correct to me. I attached a screenshot

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All the DNS records. The 1000 error is still showing, which means there’s something wrong with the IP address(es) in your DNS list.

So, that didn’t work. I just don’t know what else to try at this point. I guess my hands are tied at the moment. There was a update namespace button on this site that reached out to find the server. I am going to see if I can find that again to refresh it.

Thank you for all your help. I will check this site for the next few hours.

You could try posting a screenshot of your DNS records here. There’s still something wrong with one or more of your entries.

Hang on…what IP addresses did she give you? If she just did a regular DNS lookup, it would have returned Cloudflare IP addresses.

Type it/them in here and see who owns those IP addresses. It should be GoDaddy…not Cloudflare: