Moving domain to different CF account - the page is not working

Hi there,

i want to move domain to different CF account. Therefore, I have followed the steps:

as pointed out in the end, i have deleted the domain from old account.

new account says, that domain is active. Also, states the same. However, the page isnt working. any ideas?

I expect the name servers to change. Does the new account use different name servers from the old account?

What’s the domain?

What’s one of the old name servers, and what’s one of the new name servers?

Old ones:

New ones:

currently i have disabled CF and i am using orginal DNS. i hope to switch it back once the changes will take place.

thanks for assistance.

Ah, no DNS records. Moving a domain to a different CF account isn’t a migration. It’s just deleting from the old account and setting it up from scratch on the new account.

Please note that settings will not be migrated with the zone - the new zone is in a default state. SSL will reissue, DNS records need to be recreated/validated, Page Rules recreated, WAF settings, etc.

If you can go to your host and export your DNS records as a BIND file, you can add them here:

Ah, i see.

Ok, i guess i will go an old fashion way: close one and open new one :wink:

Thank you for all the help and support though.

Best wishes

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