Moving domain to Cloudflare (host records)

I am moving a domain that is also a host name used in nameservers for a few other domains hosted on my VPS. I have changed the domain’s nameservers in my previous registrar’s panel from ns1/ to ns1/
Though, there were some host records (reverse DNS, A), for example - A record : > my-VPS-ip.
Do I have to recreate these records in my Cloudflair panel? Is it possible? How do I do it?
Thank you!

Ehm, these are just examples, right? These wouldnt be a valid nameserver on Cloudflare.

Yes, many records will be automatically imported, but those which were not have to be added manually -> Adding DNS Records

Hi Sandro, thank you for the reply! Yes, I put and as new nameservers. Though… I do not know how to be with the reverse DNS records that I had in my previous registrar’s panel? Also, other domains were pointed to my hosting domain nameservers that now have proxied IP… Should I adjust the records in my previous registrar’s panel for all my domains that were pointed to ns1/ ?

Registrar? You mean host? Reverse records have to be managed via the owner of the IP address and cant be configured on Cloudflare.

Whats your domain and which records are we talking about?

My domain is
It was used as a host name for a VPS. A few other domains were pointed to and (hosted on VPS When I transfered to Cloudflare, DNS records for the hosted domains are not retrived properly on, showing my VPS actual IP in some regions. does not load anymore. I’m thinking about rolling back but afraid there may be further complications…

Your domain seems to be properly set up. The issue is only with these two hosts, which you use as nameservers for other domains, right?

You’d need to unproxy them (:orange: to :grey:) in order to get them to work as nameservers. Just keep in mind this will automatically reveal your machine’s IP address, just in case this is of concern for you.

Yes, thank you for your help, that worked.
Initially, I wanted to switch to Cloudflare as a registrar for my domains. I have changed the DNSs as was suggested but still not clear for me how to finalize the transfer…

There is a “Domain Registration” section on the right of the Overview screen.

Thank you! Got it.

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