Moving domain to another Cloudflare account

I would like to move a domain from one Cloudflare account to another. From this article, it says if the domain is under Cloudflare Registrar (which this domain is), it must be moved to the third party registrar first. My company registered this domain with Cloudflare until 2028 which is still many many years away. If I move it to another registrar, will I lose the remaining period and start new with the new registrar?

To be honest this is really annoying that we can’t just move domains within Cloudflare. If there is another way possible, please help. The domain is on the Pro plan, if that helps.

Thank you.

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It certainly is. I know it is a feature that Cloudflare would like to implement, but there is no estimate of when that will happen.

There is no other way to change the Cloudflare account on a domain that uses Cloudflare registrar.

As long as the total registration period does not exceed the maximum, you should not lose any of the time. You would normally gain the additional year. Ten years is a common maximum. You will want to check with the policies of the specific TLD to be certain.

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Thanks for the reply. I have one more question that just popped up.

What if the original Cloudflare account also has Zero Access enabled? If I move the domain to another Cloudflare account, will the Zero Access plan and all configurations be moved to the new account as well? As far as I know, the domain and Zero Trust Access must be in the same account.

For example:
Domain is under [email protected] Cloudflare account and I want to move it to [email protected] account. A subdomain is protected by Zero Trust Access. If I move the domain to [email protected] account, what will happen with everything under Zero Trust?


If you require Zero Trust in another account, you will need to create it anew in that account.

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