Moving domain to a different nameserver but keeping Analytics

Hello. I have a domain using Cloudflare’s nameservers (but not being proxied) and I have also set up Web Analytics for that domain via manual setup. I would like to know if it is possible to move the domain off to a different nameserver but keeping analytics data.

I did this once in the past with a different domain and as soon as the domain was deleted from Cloudflare all analytics data for that domain was lost and I had to set up analytics again for it.

Any ideas?

I am afraid this is not possible, but could be I am wrong since I haven’t paid much attention to it recently.

Rather, I’d suggest you to try to use API (might be limited due to the plan type you’re using for your zone) to get the data for later usage.

Furthermore, what kind of a setup have you done for your zone? Full or Partial, or via some 3rd-party service?

Hi @fritex, thanks for replying. I don’t really need to keep the data, Cloudflare Analytics is being used more for my own internal usage/surveying - I host websites for clients and they use Google Analytics.

I wanted to keep the data mostly so that I don’t need to reconfigure Cloudflare Analytics, but it’s okay if I have to. I’m using the full setup for the zone.