Moving domain from Cloudflare into another Cloudflare is a bit long winded!

I need to share access to a domain DNS to another company.

I can see from looking online it’s not possible in Cloudflare to share just one domain with someone else. I have to create a new Cloudflare account, and move the domain over. So I did that.

Then I could see I can’t actually just transfer the domain between Cloudflare accounts, I have to add it into the new account and change nameservers on the domain as if I was adding a new non-Cloudflare managed domain. So I did that.

The DNS Cloudflare wanted to import was NOT the DNS Cloudflare already has in the other account. It was different. Cloudflare imported the proxied Cloudflare IP addresses! So I guess Cloudflare does not check its own database, and just pings the domain to fetch IPs?

So I decided to export the DNS from the old account and import into the new. But when I did this, it did not overwrite the records, it said all the records already existed and did not import.

I could not see how to bulk delete all records, so I deleted them one by one which takes ages.

Then FINALLY I could import the old DNS into the new Cloudflare account.

Phew! What a process.

Where did you see that?

The Domain Groups documentation how to add one or more domains to a group in order to allow another user access to them. You can even specify what roles that user has.

And then after all that, in the new account, I can see it allows me to add a specific domain to share! DOH!

Just googled how to do it because there is no clear link within a domain settings to share it. I did not realise it is a sub-section of adding a user to access my account. So google searching revealed lots of posts on this forum saying its not possible.

Have you tried going to Account settings > Members and selecting the Invite button?

You’ll see a Scope section that allows you to set permissions.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it.

Yes I have done that now. Its not clear its in here, I think its quite hidden. Firstly, that option sounds like you need to give access to the whole account. Its only when you click Invite do you see the option to choose a specific domain. So I did not go in there in the first place because I was not sharing my whole account.

Within the domain settings itself, where is where I would expect a link to “Share” access for that domain, there is no option to share it.

So its a bit hidden away to be honest.

I have moved back to my original account, deleted the new one, and will just have to live with the waste of time :person_facepalming:

Send Feedback or perhaps add a Feature Request Submitting & Feedback for Cloudflare to change things.

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