Moving domain between zones

How can I go about moving a third level domain between two CF zones? has its own CF zone which I want to delete. I added to my other zone ( * . I noticed that at this point it now uses the wildcard SSL cert from the new zone. But when I removed the the domain from its old zone the site went offline and I receive 1016 errors (“origin DNS error”). Nothing in the Cloudflare DNS panels signifies that there is a problem.

Not a registrar Question because CNAME stays the same.

So this can be a little tricky and may be worth a discussion with your account team (and friendly neighborhood solutions engineer). You may also want to engage with support. Depending on exactly what state you/re in now it may be that you need to confirm your new zone is active and/or Cloudflare may need to purge the previous zone.

There are also a bunch of other potential corner cases and caveats here that could apply to an enterprise zone/customer who is using a subdomain sign-up configuration as it has some additional fun corner case conditions that might apply.


Also this is one of the potentially fun corner cases where collaboration may be required to get it done efficiently. Sorry I’m a bit vague… I know my customer accounts extremely well and when looking in on another config assuming things based on my preconceptions can potentially give you a bum steer and no one wants that.

You can ref this thread in your support request and/or message to your account team and they can ping me to ask me what I’m on about if they don’t already have a much better sense for resolution than my musings.

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