Moving domain and zone to another account

I need to move 2 zones to another Cloudflare account. The issue is that both domains are registered with Cloudflare itself. How can I move them to another account?

Unfortunately it’s not currently possible without transferring out.

Currently domains registered with Cloudflare Registrar cannot be transferred between Cloudflare accounts. We’re working to enable this capability.

What exactly does transferring out mean? What would I need to do?

I’m currently unable to start a domain transfer, because I can’t change the name servers in the old account.

I mean transferring to a different registrar.

What I usually do before is like…

  1. remove it from Cloudflare
  2. change the registrar
  3. after all has been populated (I usually wait 24-48 hours), I added it back to Cloudflare.
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