Moving DNS settings from one CF account to another - SOA record?

Hi CF community,
I’m moving DNS records from an older agency-controlled CF account to a new CF account. I received an export of the DNS settings I need to duplicate, of which there are about 50. I have a few questions:

  1. Do I need to update nameservers before I add the DNS settings on the new account?
  2. There is an SOA record in the old export, it’s the first record, I’ve copied below. I don’t see a way to add an SOA record. Is this not something I need to worry about? It seems like maybe a default setting not sure:
    SOA Record
    rondelbarrilito dot com 3600 IN SOA rondelbarrilito dot com root dot rondelbarrilito dot com 2040506745 7200 3600 86400 3600
  3. Any other input on making sure moving settings from one CF account to another goes smooth?

Thanks for any insight!

OK it seems like I don’t need to worry about the SOA record as that is something created with the new account.

Any insight on questions #1 and #3 would still be great though. Thanks

  1. You need to copy DNS records, then move nameservers. This will ensure that - since the records are the same on both ends - there will be no downtime during the switch.
  2. No, SOA records are autogenerated.
  3. Everything else should be smooth! Aside from copying across any settings you have (such as Page Rules, Firewall Rules, or Rewrite Rules) you also might want to go through and ensure any settings that you have changed on the old zone are also changed on the new zone to match.

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