Moving DNS from one Cloudflare account to another, when you have no access to the former account

Hi All

My colleague setup DNS using CloudFlare for my website. He has unfortunately lost his credentials and cannot get back into his account.

I have subsequently setup a new cloudflare account, added the domain, and it is requesting a change to the name servers which we obviously cannot do, due to the reason above.

I’m not a technical expert, but am trying to get access to make the required updates. I cannot seem to get a response from support.

Any tips on how to overcome this?
Would I loose any other settings on the previous account that I should be aware of?


Why? The change needs to happen at the registrar, not Cloudflare. The domain is not registered with Cloudflare, is it? Which one is it.

Hi Sandro

The domain is registered with R4L, but cloudflare is already the DNS provider for my domain

Then simply change the nameservers at your registrar and the domain will switch over to the new account.

Thanks, will give that a go

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